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Proprietor Debra Mathy, decorative


When the first introduction into the world of wine is a trip to France as a teenager, the initial emotions can be life-altering. At least it was for Debra Mathy. What started as a simple discovery quickly grew into a desire to learn everything she could about winemaking, terroir, and wines from around the world.

It was her parents who encouraged her newfound passion by sharing special wines as an introduction to the diversity between the old and new worlds. This support, along with various opportunities provided to Debra, brought on a fervent curiosity about terroir, ultimately opening her eyes to the famed Napa Valley Region. It was the sophistication and uniqueness of fruit flavors in these opulent, layered Cabernet Sauvignons that provided many ah-ha moments for Debra, truly moving her to the core. Her intuition told her to follow that passion and dive deep into understanding what goes into a wine responsible for triggering such a profound response. Ultimately, it wasn’t her knowledge of winemaking that put her on the path to creating Namo, but her impassioned pursuit to make her own Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon that represents those ah-ha moments.



Nick’s minimalist philosophy begins with knowing good wine starts with great fruit. But that is only the beginning. Nick brings his philosophy to life by constantly seeking new and interesting fruit sources that push him closer to his vision of perfection. Most of Nick’s life has been spent around vineyards and winemaking. After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Nick interned in California’s Central Valley before landing at Venge Vineyards in Calistoga. His introduction to premiere vineyards and small lot winemaking established his passion for making Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. He joined Debra Mathy at Dutcher Crossing in 2012 and their combined vision for Namo began to take shape.

Philippe and Maayan in vineyard, decorative


Working with Atelier Melka allows Namo to collaborate closely with Philippe Melka and Maayan Koschitzky, two accomplished wine makers with deep roots in Napa Valley wine. Philippe brings over 30 years of winemaking experience from renowned Chateaux and Wineries mostly located in Bordeaux and Napa Valley. Maayan’s impressive winemaking resume spans the world including Screaming Eagle and Dalla Valle in Napa Valley. Their wisdom, personality and demeanor have made them the perfect trusted partners. Their role sourcing fruit and offering guidance enables Debra, Nick and their winemaking team to bring Namo to life.

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